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11 YouTube Channels for Learners of Gulf Arabic (Saudi, Emirati, Kuwaiti, Qatari & Bahraini)

Whether you are a learner of the Gulf dialect or one of its variants (Kuwaiti, Emirati, etc..), or simply have an interest in the Arabian culture and society and are looking for drama shows or entertainment in the Gulf Arabic dialect, YouTube is a great resource for the exact content you are looking for.

Below is a list of various Gulf Arabic YouTube channels from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE. 

If you are an absolute beginner learner of the colloquial Gulf dialect, will find the first channel on the list quite useful. The rest of the channels could be challenging for the beginner learners to understand without looking up the accompanying English subtitles. 

However, if you are an intermediate learner, you could learn a great deal by watching and expanding your vocabulary and learning about the local Gulf culture and societies.

Understanding the culture and society of the language you’re learning is part and parcel of the learning process. In fact, it will boost your target language learning progress. 

Most of these YouTube channels offer a wide variety of shows and docu-series in Gulf Arabic and shed light on daily life in the Arabian Gulf area.

Whether you plan on moving to a Gulf country or just learning Gulf Arabic, cultural understanding is key to your language learning success and integration into the host country.

1 . Learn Arabic – Kuwaiti 

This YouTube channel is perfect for all beginner learners of Gulf Arabic (Kuwaiti). Although it is for the colloquial Kuwaiti variant of Gulf Arabic, this is a perfect learning opportunity for everyone seeking to learn any Gulf Arabic variant particularly the Bahraini and Emirati dialects. 

The differences between the Gulf dialects are minimal in the sense that people from the various Gulf countries can easily communicate with each other and are mutually intelligible.

2 . Jana Vlogs

This YouTube channel belongs to a London-based Saudi female vlogger. She hails from Jeddah, KSA and speaks the Saudi dialect with a slight Hijazi accent.

She vlogs about her daily life in London, her family and Saudi Arabia in general. She is laidback and speaks at a slower rate, making it easier for beginners to follow what she says.

This would be suitable for both beginner and intermediate learners of the Gulf dialect, especially that the channel provides English subtitles.

3 . Thamaniyeh

This Saudi YouTube channel covers topics across the Arab world and beyond and uses the colloquial Gulf Saudi dialect. It airs a variety of content to include documentaries about culture, art, and society. Its stated purpose is to document the issues, ideas and ambitions of the Arab youths across the Arab world. 

However, most of the content has some connections to Saudi Arabia or Saudis inside the kingdom and abroad. 

Intermediate-to-advanced learners of Gulf Arabic, or even Modern Standard Arabic with an interest in Saudi Arabia, will find this channel not only useful linguistically but also quite educational in the general sense.

Some of the videos have English subtitles.

4 . Belmokhba

This Kuwaiti digital video platform contains an extensive list of talks shows, interviews, comedy series and documentaries. Although it is a Kuwaiti channel, most of the guests hail from Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Therefore, the spoken Gulf dialects range from Kuwaiti to Emirati and Saudi.

Intermediate learners of the colloquial Gulf dialect will find it very useful as they will be exposed to more than one Gulf variant in one channel.

5 . Sowt Afkari

This Kuwaiti YouTube channel produces talk shows, interviews and entertainment by a feminine cast to an all-women audience, particularly Kuwaiti young women. 

Intermediate learners of Arabic Gulf dialect will find this channel quite useful as they will gain exposure to jargon and dialogues that revolve around women.

Topics include beauty, identity, love, self-development, and the workplace etc..English subtitles are available on most videos.

6 . Qalby Etmaan

This Emirati 28-part series is aired only during the Holy month of Ramadan every year. It’s a docu-series of an Emirati philanthropist who travels across the Arab world, pretends to be a blind tourist needing help, strikes a conversation with a random stranger and gives them a big hefty donation once he ensures they are in a dire need for financial help.

Learners of Gulf Arabic will gain exposure to the Gulf Emirati Arabic, particularly that  both English and Arabic subtitles are available on most videos.

7 . Ya’rob

Ya’rob is a Saudi animated comedy series in Saudi dialect with English subtitles. It’s produced by Myrkott video productions.

The quality of graphics, dialogue and plots are top-notch.

Learners of the Gulf dialect will have an easier time following and picking up new vocabulary due to the script quality and the availability of English subtitles.

8 . Masameer

It’s another great series produced by Myrkott video productions. Masamir is an entertaining animated comedy series that intelligently depicts social issues in the Saudi society with a pinch of constructive humor and nods here and there .

This series was so successful  it ended up airing on Netflix this summer (2020).

Intermediate Learners of the Gulf dialect, particularly those living in the kingdom, will learn a lot about Saudi Arabia both linguistically and culturally . English subtitles are available.

9 . Ahmed Sharif

This Bahraini YouTube Channel offers a comedy series in the Bahraini Gulf dialect.

Ahmed Sharif is a Bahraini social media  with more than 5 Million followers on Instagram from the Gulf area  and abroad. He plays the main character in the series.

Although this is a Bahraini channel, the content covers topics that apply to all the Arab Gulf societies. This would be suitable for intermediate learners of the Arabic Gulf dialect in general and Bahraini dialect in particular.

10 . Khambalah

This Saudi YT Channel offers a variety of funny sketches and comedy series with English subtitles. It boasts over 2 million subscribers .

Intermediate learners of the Gulf dialect, and particularly the Saudi variant, can learn so much about the dialect while learning many cultural aspects of the Saudi society. 

11 . Hitham Channel

This channel offers different content than many other Saudi YT channels. It’s very educational as Saudi vlogger Hitham, or Haytham, travels around the kingdom and takes viewers on rare journeys inside different professions , fields and sectors.

He sometimes spends time performing various job roles to include a Starbucks Barista, hotel front desk clerk or a train operator.

For learners of Gulf Saudi dialect, this is a great resource to expand your vocabulary by sector or profession. Many of the videos have English closed caption.

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