Why Start This Blog?

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Why Start This Blog? 2

I would like to use this space to write about my passion for learning languages in general and Arabic in particular, the Dhad language (we’ll come back in a later post to expand on this reference). As a native speaker of Arabic, I find myself constantly learning new things about this great and rich language. I have also been teaching adult learners Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)and Maghrebi dialect for over 10 years now — a much easier task than teaching it to my 10-year old son.

Working in this field (Translation, interpreting & teaching) for over two decades, I encounter a tremendous amount of misleading advertising and information online, which could cost Arabic learners a lot of time and dollars. I will share best and proven practices for optimizing the learning experience for students wherever they are in the learning cycle (beginner, intermediate and advanced). In other words, this blog would be useful to both beginners and advanced learners. Visitors of this blog should  also expect to find some useful online and offline resources that can assist them with learning this beautiful language.

I may use this space as well to offer free and unsolicited advice to those who think about learning either MSA or a specific dialect. I’d also like to utilize this place to exchange with current or prospective teachers of Arabic.

The only challenge , I am sure, will be finding time between family and work to share actionable advice and answer any questions.

2 thoughts on “Why Start This Blog?”

  1. Thomas Dalsgaard Clausen

    Good luck with your blog and keep it up!
    Which maghrebi dialect do you teach? Are you from North Africa?

    Take care

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