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Learn Arabic with Lesson 1: Essential Beginner’s Guide

Introduction to Arabic Lesson 1

Learning a new language can be daunting, especially if it is a language as unique as Arabic. That is why it is important to break down the language into manageable chunks that are easier to learn. This is where Arabic lesson 1 comes in. In this lesson, you will learn the basics of the Arabic language and its alphabet. You will also learn some common words and phrases in Arabic. By the end of the lesson, you will have a solid foundation for further study of the language.

The Alphabet

The first thing to learn when studying any language is its alphabet. In the case of Arabic, this is known as the “Arabic alphabet” or “Al-Hijāzī”. The alphabet consists of 28 letters, all of which are written from right to left. The letters are also divided into three groups; consonants, semi-vowels and vowels.


The consonants in the Arabic alphabet are: ب (b), ت (t), ث (th), ج (j), ح (ḥ), خ (kh), د (d), ذ (dh), ر (r), ز (z), س (s), ش (sh), ص (ṣ), ض (ḍ), ط (ṭ), ظ (ẓ), ع (ʿ), غ (gh), ف (f), ق (q), ك (k), ل (l), م (m), ن (n), ه (h), و (w), ي (y).


The semi-vowels in the Arabic alphabet are: ء (ʾ), و (w), ي (y).


The vowels in the Arabic alphabet are: أ (a), ؤ (u), ئ (i).

Greetings and Common Phrases

Once you have a good grasp of the alphabet, it is time to learn some basic phrases. Here are some of the most common Arabic greetings and phrases:


Hello: Marhaba

Good morning: Sabah al-khayr

Good afternoon: Masa al-khayr

Good evening: Masa al-khayr

Good night: Layla sa’eeda

Common Phrases

Thank you: Shukran

Yes: Na’am

No: La

Please: Min fadlak

Excuse me: Afwan

I don’t understand: Ana la afham


Learning a language like Arabic can be challenging, but with a good foundation, it can be made easier. In this lesson, you have learned the basics of the Arabic language and its alphabet. You have also learned some common words and phrases in Arabic. With this knowledge, you are now ready to take your first steps in learning the language.

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