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How to Use Audible to Improve Your Arabic Listening Skils

Improving Arabic listening skills is always tricky because it’s often difficult to find quality Arabic learning material available on the right medium that can be easily and conveniently used.

I learned recently from a few and unrelated students of Modern Standard Arabic and Levantine dialect that they have found a treasure trove of learning material on Audible.com

I was both surprised and humbled that I didn’t know about this service. So, I took advantage of their  free trial period to explore the Arabic listening material they have on the platform . By the way, Audible did send me a reminder when my free trial was about to expire. That was a class act, I have to admit.

Truth be told, I was pleasantly surprised by what they have. I immediately started listening to the Arabic lessons and intermediate and advanced Arabic stories  in my car and on my phone. 

I came to the conclusion that Audible is a great hack to learn Arabic or any foreign language for that matter, particularly for listening skills.

Here is why I went beyond the trial period to take advantage of their Spanish learning material, and may be it can work for you too. Of course, this not a solution that will work for everyone, but I encourage taking advantage of Audible.com free trial to explore how you can benefit from it.

Top reasons to try out Audible for learning Arabic

Free Trial:

After several students mentioned Audible subscription model and the availability of Arabic learning products on it, I took advantage of Audible’s free trial to try their various products. Before the trial period ended, they sent me a reminder. I eventually decided to keep my subscription to use it for primarily listening to and improving my Spanish, a language I have been learning for a while now.

Perfect for Arabic Listening Practice:

It is a great resource if you are learning Arabic and you want to improve your listening. Daily or frequent exposure to the Arabic listening input will definitely improve your Arabic listening comprehension, especially when combined with some regular Arabic reading.

Easily Accessible:

The content can be accessed pretty much from anywhere as it can be played on your mobile devices, on your home TV or your desktop.

You can practically learn while you are running, working out, walking, driving, or even when you are doing chores.

It’s also a great source for Arabic exercise among a group of students. You can play the audios, listen to it together and discuss the topic to gauge your comprehension and find an authentic topic to discuss.

Wide Selection:

It offers a buffet-like access to a wide array of Arabic-language training and entertainment materials. You won’t be stuck with one product — you can find the topic and content that suits your needs and skill level.

Great for Sampling :

If you are shopping around for a single digital language learning product, you can take advantage of the access offered by Audible to sample the digital product and see if you like it before purchasing it.

Recommended Arabic Listening Materials available on Audible.com


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Pimsleur Arabic language learning series are a great tool for the absolute beginner and intermediate learner of Arabic. They are also known for being relatively expensive. The advantage of using Audible subscription model is it will give you access to all Pimsleur’s series which, if purchased separately, can cost around $200 in total.

Audible’s monthly subscription of less than $10 can give you access to not only Pimsleur but to dozens of Arabic learning packages, ending in great savings.

Listening length of the introductory course is about 2 hours and 46 minutes.

Thirty Arabic Short Stories for Complete Beginners.

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This course offers reading material as well the opportunity to read and/or listen to the narration in Arabic. 

The best technique is to listen to the story first, assess how much you have learned and then read it to compare. Then, listen to the story again and you will notice an immediate improvement in your Arabic listening comprehension and vocabulary development.

It contains thirty short stories with an average of 300 words in each, spreading over 110 pages.

Each paragraph of Arabic is followed by English translation. However, I don’t recommend referring to the translation. You can use a dictionary for understanding but try to avoid looking up the translation at any cost because it will teach you laziness.

The narration takes a little over one hour of listening time and it’s read by a native Arabic speaker.

Arabic Parallel Audio

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This audio offers over 10 hours of Learn Arabic with 501 most common Arabic phrases and their parallel English expressions.

This audio would be perfect for expats and workers in the Arab world who are looking for functional level of conversational Arabic. Using this , you can learn Arabic expressions phonetically without going deep into learning the language.

Learn Arabic for Beginners Easily & in Your Car!

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This 6-hour audio is a great Arabic vocabulary builder audio for beginning Arabic learners.

It contains more than 1500 Modern Standard Arabic words and phrases. The audio also offers Egyptian Arabic instruction.

Conversational Arabic Quick and Easy (Jordanian dialect)

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This audio offers about two hours of Jordanian Arabic words and phrases. I can imagine expats and Peace Corps volunteers to Jordan and southern Levant in General can benefit from this for their daily interactions with the locals or relatives from the region.

This also comes with a PDF file for reading along the Arabic narration.


Many learners of Arabic and foreign languages , myself included, overlook Audible.com as a possible platform to learn Arabic. Surprisingly it has plenty of Arabic materials for all levels but it is be most useful for improving Arabic listening skills.

My advice is to keep an open mind and take advantage of the free trial period to explore the platform. They send a reminder before the free period expires.

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